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Vitamins and Minerals Essential for a Healthy Diet
Nutrient Importance Sources
Vitamin A Vision, immune system, skin health Carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy greens
Vitamin C Immune system, collagen production Citrus fruits, berries, bell peppers
Vitamin D Bone health, immune system Sunlight, fatty fish, fortified milk
Vitamin E Antioxidant, protects cells from damage Nuts, seeds, leafy greens
Calcium Bone health, muscle function Dairy products, leafy greens, fortified juices
Iron Red blood cell production, oxygen transport Red meat, beans, lentils
Magnesium Muscle and nerve function, blood sugar control Leafy greens, almonds, avocados
Potassium Blood pressure control, fluid balance Bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes

Healthy Foods for a Balanced Diet
Food Group Recommended Servings Examples
Fruits 2-4 Apples, bananas, berries, citrus fruits
Vegetables 3-5 Leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, peppers
Whole Grains 3-6 Brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread
Lean Protein 2-3 Chicken, fish, beans, tofu
Dairy 2-3 Milk, yogurt, cheese

Butter Fried Foods
Foods to Limit for Optimal Health
Food Reason for Limiting
Sugary Drinks High in calories and added sugar, can lead to weight gain and chronic diseases
Processed Foods Often high in sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar, can contribute to health problems
Red Meat High in saturated fat, linked to an increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers
High in saturated fat, can raise cholesterol levels
High in unhealthy fats, can contribute to weight gain and heart disease

Strength Training Flexibility Exercises Balance Exercises Aerobic Exercise
Exercises for Improved Physical Health
Exercise Type Benefits
Cardiovascular Exercise Improves heart and lung health, burns calories
Increases muscle mass, strengthens bones, improves metabolism
Improves range of motion, reduces risk of injury
Improves stability, reduces risk of falls
Increases endurance, improves overall fitness

Eat Water-Rich Foods Avoid Sugary Drinks Pay Attention to Thirst Cues Consider Electrolyte Supplements
Tips for Staying Hydrated
Tip Explanation
Drink Water Regularly Carry a water bottle and sip throughout the day
Fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumbers contain high amounts of water
They can dehydrate your body
Listen to your body and drink when you’re thirsty
During intense exercise, electrolyte drinks can help replenish lost minerals

Yoga Deep Breathing Exercises Progressive Muscle Relaxation Tai Chi
Benefits of Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques
Technique Benefits
Meditation Reduces stress, improves focus, increases emotional regulation
Enhances flexibility, improves posture, calms the mind
Lowers heart rate, reduces anxiety, improves sleep
Reduces muscle tension, promotes relaxation, improves sleep
Improves balance, reduces stress, increases flexibility

Headaches Muscle tension Sleep problems Gastrointestinal issues
Signs of Burnout
Physical Symptoms Emotional Symptoms Behavioral Symptoms
Fatigue Emotional exhaustion Withdrawal from social activities
Irritability Increased cynicism
Loss of motivation Difficulty concentrating
Feeling overwhelmed Increased mistakes
Anxiety Substance abuse

Talking to a trusted person Spending time in nature Practicing relaxation techniques Setting realistic goals
Coping Mechanisms for Stress
Healthy Coping Mechanisms Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
Exercise Smoking
Alcohol abuse
Drug use

Create a relaxing bedtime routine Ensure a dark, quiet, and cool sleep environment Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed Get regular exercise
Ways to Improve Sleep Quality
Sleep Hygiene Practices Benefits
Establish a regular sleep-wake cycle Regulates the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle
Prepares the body and mind for sleep
Promotes optimal sleep conditions
Interferes with sleep quality
Improves sleep efficiency and duration
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